The Amazing Backwaters of Kerala

The entire state of Kerala, in itself, is so amazing that picking out one amongst them is real tough task. Nonetheless, the backwaters of Kerala invariably rank high amongst all of these. Cruising through these backwaters of Kerala, you can enjoy a beauty that is simple, yet so striking.

Board a houseboat, also known as Kettuvalams in Kerala, and sail through the intricate channels of backwaters that introduces you to the day to day aspect of the lifestyle of the locals. Here, you will see farmers in the fields, and there you can see kids returning from schools with bags on their back. At still other points you can either spot fishing village or tribal hamlets with a number of people around. At some places, the silence is only broken by the sound of a bird or a movement of a leaf.

These backwaters of Kerala are also venue for the famous snake boat races of Kerala that attract thousands of visitors from all across the globe every year.

Kerala Backwater Destination

The famous backwater destinations in Kerala include Alappuzha, Kumarakom, Kollam, Kozhikode and Kochi.  Find out more on Kerala Backwater Tourism

Kerala Backwater Tour Packages

Magic of Kerala Backwaters & South India Temple
Classic Kerala Tours

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