Famous Indian Monuments – A Rendezvous With History

Have you ever thought how would it feel to spend an evening with history? I am sure not many of you would think of this idea, but believe me its a fantastic idea to spend some really wonderful holidays. And what could be a better place then historical monuments of India, to do it.

India is a country of rich ancient heritage that is preserved in the various ancient monuments located here. These historical monuments offer a sneak peek of the ancient India heritage that allures the travelers from all over the world. Today they have become a symbol of the Indian culture and the royal past of the country, that often fascinates the travelers coming here.

So much has been said about the monuments of India in the above section. Now we will talk about the most popular ancient monuments of the country that you can watch during your trip. Although India is adorned with many monumental jewels in its crown but few of them are simply not worth missing. These monuments are:

Taj Mahal, Agra

Amer Fort, Jaipur

Birla Mandir, Delhi

India Gate, Delhi

Khajuraho Temples, MP

and lot more.

So come to India and make your holidays an historical experience.

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